Our hero, the robot Leo, is out to restore his memories and reboot the female robot Selise, but hordes of enemies and waves of bullets stand in his way.
Making full use of his dash and shield abilities, Leo goes up against a flood of enemies with his trusty friends. What destiny awaits?

Death by Cube is a novel action game where you progress through stages, clearing the goals set for each. Push your dash and shield abilities to the limit to destroy the overwhelming swarms of enemies that appear one after another. Reach a set score to receive a corresponding number of chips that can be used to unlock the next stage or for upgrades that suit your offensive or defensive playstyle. Online mode enables you to go up against players around the world; deathmatch and team modes are also available.

・Stylish, cube-based game design
・Simple but deep gameplay
・Enemies and bullets fill the entire screen
・Stress-free two-stick controls
・The thrill of mowing down enemies with dash and shield
・Character can be upgraded to suit your strategy
・Up to eight players in online mode


Release date:2010/01/20
Number of players:1(up to eight online)
Platform:Xbox LIVE Arcade
pegi12 xbox360