FINAL FANTASY V Genre:RPG Release date:2013.03.28
Crystal Defenders Plus Genre:Defensive Strategy Release date:2013.02.20
FINAL FANTASY IV Genre:RPG Release date:2012.12.20
THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY Genre:Rhythm Action Release date:2012.12.13
SYMPHONICA Genre:Orchestral Rhythm Action Release date:2012.10.18
DEMONS' SCORE Genre:Breakbeat Action Game Release date:2012.09.19
GUARDIAN CROSS Genre:Card-battle RPG Release date:2012.09.13
FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS Genre:RPG Release date:2012.08.31
The World Ends with You -Solo Remix- Genre:Action Release date:2012.08.27
774 DEATHS Genre:Action Release date:2012.04.02
CHAOS RINGS II for iPad Genre:RPG Release date:2012.03.15
CHAOS RINGS II Genre:RPG Release date:2012.03.15
FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: The War of the Lions for iPad Genre:Tactical RPG Release date:
CHRONO TRIGGER Genre:RPG Release date:2011.12.08
FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: The War of the Lions Genre:Tactical RPG Release date:
SQUARE ENIX CHARACTERS MAIL Genre:Mail App Release date:2011.06.15
CHAOS RINGS OMEGA for iPad Genre:RPG Release date:2011.05.19
CHAOS RINGS OMEGA Genre:RPG Release date:2011.05.19
IMAGINARY RANGE Genre:GameBook Release date:2011.05.05
FINAL FANTASY III for iPad Genre:RPG Release date:2011.04.21
DISSIDIA 012 FINAL FANTASY AR Genre:AR App Release date:2011.03.30
FINAL FANTASY III Genre:RPG Release date:2011.03.24
SOUL EATER Gallery Genre:WallPaper Release date:2011.03.11
FINAL FANTASY VII Compilation WallPaper Genre:WallPaper Release date:2011.01.21
Secret of Mana Genre:RPG Release date:2010.12.21
FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Gallery Genre:WallPaper Release date:2010.11.04
Voice Fantasy Genre:Party game Release date:2010.11.01
CHAOS RINGS for iPad Genre:RPG Release date:2010.08.12
CRYSTAL DEFENDERS(iPad) Genre:Defensive Simulation Release date:2010.07.01
Chocobo Panic Genre:Party game Release date:2010.05.28
CHAOS RINGS Genre:RPG Release date:2010.04.20
FINAL FANTASY Genre:RPG Release date:2010.02.25
FINAL FANTASY II Genre:RPG Release date:2010.02.25
Song Summoner The Unsung Heroes - Encore Genre:RPG Release date:2009.12.03
Hills and Rivers Remain Genre:Real-Time Strategy Release date:2009.11.26
Sliding Heroes Genre:Real-Time Strategy Release date:2009.09.24
CRYSTAL DEFENDERS VANGUARD STORM Genre:Defensive Simulation Release date:2009.05.13
CRYSTAL DEFENDERS Genre:Defensive Simulation Release date:2008.12.23
CRYSTAL DEFENDERS(iPod) Genre:Defensive Simulation Release date:2008.12.23
Song Summoner The Unsung Heroes(iPod) Genre:RPG Release date:2008.07.08