Space Invaders Extreme, whose sensational debut marked the 30th anniversary of the original Space invaders, is now out with dramatically improved visuals for the Xbox LIVE Arcade.

The Xbox LIVE Arcade version of Space Invaders Extreme retains the well-received game system of the original, including the flow from Bonus Rounds to Fever Time. But with outstanding graphic quality that takes advatage of the Xbox 360's HD compatibilty, the title has also been reborn as an even more exciting and entertaining game.

The previous title's animations were subject to particularly high praise in user surveys so they've been taken to the next level with a Visualizer System that plays them as background movies linked to music.

Compatibility with Xbox LIVE also brings a range of play variations, including co-op and VS modes, as well as worldwide rankings.


Release date:2009.05.06
Price:800 MSP
Number of players:1-4
Rating:PEGI 3
Platform:Xbox LIVE Arcade
PEGI 3 xbox360 TAITO