QIX++ is a territory capture game in which you draw lines within a playing field to create solid areas and corner your mysterious enemy, the Qix.
Players move a marker (their own ship) within a rectangular field, careful to avoid coming into contact with the moving Qix as they try to corner it.
While retaining the same game paradigm as the original Qix from 1981, this title adds a variety of new elements and improved visuals for a more entertaining experience.


At a time in the not-too-distant future, networks have become so ingrained that people take them for granted.
Cyber-crimes, being a great threat to people's lives, are punished severely – even with death. Eventually, with enormous bounties offered for information leading to cyber-criminals, the scourge is eliminated.
Then – just as computer viruses had all but faded from human memory – came the Qix.


Release date:2009.12.09
Price:800 MSP
Number of players:1-4
Rating:PEGI 3
Platform:Xbox LIVE Arcade
PEGI 3 xbox360 TAITO