0 day Attack on Earth

High-tech Tokyo lies in rubble. Life in once-vibrant New York has ground to a halt. Paris, the City of Light, is enveloped in darkness and despair.
Hordes of humongous life forms suddenly and brutally converged on the world's metropolian areas, overwehlming the defenseless Earth and paralyzing humanity with unprecedented fear.
Those who remained after the initial assault – later known as the "0 Day Attack on Earth" – would take to the skies in a last battle, fighting for the survival of all humanity.

0 Day Attack on Earth is an omnidirectional shooting game where you battle invaders that have appeared on Earth without warning. In high-quality visuals made possible by next-generation game hardware, the world's major cities are faithfully recreated down to their parks and back alleys while furious battles unfold in the skies above.
The game includes dozens of usable vehicles, stunning, dramatic battle scenes, and an online mode where you can battle giant foes together with allies around the world.

Gaze down on the cities from high above in the sky and join your friends in the battle to protect them.

・Gorgeous graphics that use the Xbox 360's full capabilities
・Major cities faithfully recreated down to parks and alleys
・Eye-grabbing, dramatic scenes
・Simple, engaging two-stick control scheme
・Up to 8 players in online VS mode (up to 4 in COOP mode)
・Additional maps available for download


Release date:2009/12/23
Number of players:1 (up to eight in online VS mode, up to four in online COOP mode)
Platform:Xbox LIVE Arcade
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