Mr. ESC (Escape) is an escape artist whose objective is to save people from disastrous situations, clearing each danger-filled stage within a limited amount of time. Save lives in EXIT®, a frantic, mind-stretching, action-packed puzzle game!

Frantic rescue action: As Mr. ESC, take control and rescue people from dangers like fires and earthquakes. Turn them into Companions and lead them to safety.
Puzzle-solving skills required: Use your Companions by commanding them to use items, solve puzzles, and reach the exit within the time limit.
Companion abilities: The different Companions you save have different abilities. Young Companions have average abilities, Adults are strong, and Kids can make it through tight passages. Be sure to save the injured Patients as well.


Release date:2007.10.24
Price:800 MSP
Genre:Action & Adventure
Number of players:1
Rating:PEGI 7
Platform:Xbox LIVE Arcade
PEGI7 xbox360 TAITO