Virtual Console


Secret of Mana was released for the Super Nintendo platform in 1993, gaining popularity as one of the first games to incorporate real-time battles.

Players control the protagonist Randi and his companions Purim and Popoi as they move through the story, adventuring across a variety of terrain. The key to the tale is a powerful invisible force called Mana. Whether battling the armies of the Empire that seek to command the power of Mana or encountering Elementals who control the forces of nature, excitement awaits!


In ages past a civilization flourished through the power of Mana. Over time, people came to use Mana in war and created an enormous warship known as the Mana Fortress. Such insolence angered the gods, who sent the Mana Beast to destroy it. The violent battle between Fortress and Beast enveloped the world in flames and poison. Ultimately, a hero wielding the Mana Sword brought down the Mana Fortress, the Mana Beast disappeared, and Mana was lost from the world. The war had destroyed civilization, but peace had returned to the land.

But time passes, and history repeats itself...


Release date:2008.12.24
Price:800 Wii Points
Number of players:1-3
Rating:PEGI 7