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The ninth Final Fantasy installment, this title promised a return to the series' roots.
Though loaded with gorgeous graphics and completely new systems, the look and feel of the game is sure to bring back memories of the good old days.
Both battles and events move forward in Active Time, and player choices affect the outcome of later events.
A variety of mini games include both card games and Chocobo Hot and Cold.


People drift along as if unconcerned, even as they harbor insecurity, doubt, and sorrow.

But there comes a time when they seek more.
For Zidane, it was something for him to protect.
For Vivi, it was the meaning of his own existence.
For Garnet, it was her own true self.

In a world in which everything was shrouded in mist, each sought their own answer, sometimes by fighting, sometimes by joining hands.

What did they learn? Did they discover what they were looking for?

To find the answers you'll have to unravel the tale . . .


Release date:2010.05.26
Number of players:1
Rating:PEGI 12
Platform:PlayStation®3 / PlayStation®Portable
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