Virtual Console

King's Knight

King's Knight is a vertically scrolling shooter with elements of an RPG.

Four heroes gathered to save a princess must each clear their own stage – prairie, desert, sea or mountains – before joining forces in the final stage.

Discover the special characteristics of each hero, make use of key items, and bring peace back to the kingdom.


One day, Princess Claire is kidnapped by the Kingdom of Izander and its ruling dragon. Intent on rescuing the princess, her father brings together four heroes: Ray Jack the knight, Kaliva the wizard, Barusa the monster and Toby the thief.

Can the four defeat the dragon, save the princess and restore peace to the land? So the curtain rises on the new legend of King's Knight...


Release date:2008.03.24
Price:500 Wii Points
Number of players:1
Rating:ESRB E
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