Thexder was an action shooter released in 1985 for the PC.

With smooth animation and high-speed scrolling, strategic transformations between walking and flying forms, and spectacularly beautiful homing lasers, Thexder Neo recreates the excitement of the original with all-new graphics and new modes, including an easy mode and an online battle mode for up to six players.

The goal of the game is to destroy the magnetic field emitter deep in the heart of Nedium. Proceeding through the labyrinthine interior of Nedium to reach set goals enables players to clear each stage and move on to the next.

Original elements in this version include the addition of boss characters that have to be taken down in order to reach the next stage.

The PlayStation 3 version not only completely updates the graphics for HD but also includes the original Thexder as released for the PC-8801 mk II SR in 1985. Rediscover everything you enjoyed about the original!


Astrolog: Year 089

The interstellar weapons development ship Laevina discovers an asteroid of unknown origin along its route.

Approaching to investigate the asteroid, named Nedium, the Laevina finds itself caught in the grip of a powerful magnetic field and unable to break free.

The investigation reveals that the magnetic field emanates from inside Nedium and affects only large objects like the Laevina.

Finding Nedium impregnable against attacks from the outside, the Laevina decides to attack from within using a small ship unaffected by the magnetic field and places its last hope on Thexder, the Hyper Dual Armor prototype still under development.


Release date:2010.01.28
Number of players:1-6
Rating:ESRB E
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