FINAL FANTASY VII Compilation WallPaper

The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII is a family of products that expands upon the world of Final Fantasy VII, the classic PlayStation RPG that has sold nearly 10 million copies worldwide since its launch in 1997.

This hit project has spawned new PlayStation 2 and PSP games, a mobile game release in Japan, and a brand-new CGI movie. This app offers a collection of wallpapers featuring visuals and concept art from across the entire project.

Use your iPhone to dive into the world of FFVII with wallpapers of your favorite characters and game backdrops.

Products Featured

Final Fantasy VII
Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII


Release date:2011.01.21
Number of players:1
Platform:iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
iPhone/iPod touch/iPad