CHAOS RINGS from Square Enix is a completely new RPG for the iPhone/iPod touch. While sticking with an orthodox game system that will be familiar to RPG fans, the title presents an epic tale composed of four interwoven scenarios with an equally gorgeous soundtrack and astonishingly smooth 3D graphics for enjoyment on the iPhone/iPod touch.

The story revolves around a life-or-death tournament called the Ark Arena. Players first choose a male/female pair to face off against one of the other teams. Clear each team's unique story to uncover the truth of the Ark Arena and reveal the incomprehensible presence that awaits on the far side.

• Smooth-moving 3D graphics
• Gorgeous soundtrack
• A story with multiple endings revealed as each pair develops
• Polished, orthodox game system
• A broad array of hidden bosses, hidden weapons and other elements for outstanding replay value


A skilled assassin, an eastern princess,
a giant axe-wielding warrior, and a fierce female fighter.

5 couples from around the world are summoned together by a mysterious being known only as "The Agent". The Agent tells them that they must fight to the death in a tournament called the Ark Arena.

Should they refuse, they will be killed. There is no escape.

Thus, each couple, without knowing where they are or why they must fight, are swept away into a battle for their lives.

The sole reward for the victors? The promise of eternal life...


Release date:2010.04.20
Number of players:1
Platform:iPhone / iPod touch