RayForce, the acclaimed first title in the RaySeries, made a splash when it debuted as an arcade game in 1993. Since then the series has retained its popularity as a classic shooter as it transitioned to other platforms, such as home video game consoles.

RayStorm HD is a remake that combines the gameplay of the original RayStorm, released as the second in the series in 1996, with all-new graphics updated for the present day. The gorgeous Lock-On Lasers that define the title, the engrossing audio tracks and the epic eight-stage game scenario will draw players back into the world of the feverish shoot-'em-up.

Loaded with gameplay options such as Arcade Mode and Extra Mode, the title also includes a Ranking Mode that allows players to upload their best scores to the online global rankings.

Gameplay possibilities are broadened by two additional spacecraft: the completely new R-GEAR, developed just for RayStorm HD, and the R-Gray 0, which first appeared as a secret spaceship in the home console port.


Release date:2010/05/05
Number of players:1-2
Platform:Xbox LIVE Arcade
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