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Vagrant Story is an RPG/adventure title in which players explore the "Dark City" of Leá Monde from the perspective of protagonist Ashley Riot. Exquisite staging with elaborately developed systems and settings – and cinematic camerawork – distinguish this game, which draws players in with the stunning atmosphere of the city itself. Enjoy the highly polished environment of this later PlayStation game on PSOne Classics.


Twenty-five years ago, a massive earthquake brought an end to the glory of Leá Monde, the great "Dark City" said to have been built in a distant age by the legendary priestess Müllenkamp. Ashley Riot, agent of the Valendia Knights of the Peace (VKP), enters the Dark City of Leá Monde in pursuit of Sydney Losstarot, who is believed to have masterminded the recent assault on the home of Duke Bardorba. What he finds, however, is the stuff of legends: dragons, the undead, and Grimoire. While pursuing Sydney, Ashley becomes entangled in the battle for Leá Monde and its legacy. As he pushes further into the Dark City's depths, it begins to eat into his soul. What truth will the Dark City reveal to him? And what is the "legacy" that awaits in Leá Monde


Release date:2009.12.22
Number of players:1
Rating:PEGI 16
Platform:PlayStation3 / PlayStation Portable
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